What is Gum Contouring and How to do it right?

Smiles are so precious, isn’t it? They hold the tendency to attract even your enemies and win the hearts of even the hard-hearted ones. However, what if you find it cumbersome to flaunt your smiling face due to an unfortunate dental problem? The growth of excess gum is one such condition that requires prompt attention from an expert dentist in the form of Gum contouring.

What is gum contouring?

This treatment helps the patient get away with abundant gum tissues that cover the teeth to give them a smaller appearance. The problem leaves the affected with too gummy smiles and occurs possibly due to hormonal changes or because of side effect of a medical treatment. People who wear braces can also get hold of excessive gum.

How to do it right?

Dentists in most of the dental clinics nowadays seek the help of scalpels, lasers or radiosurgery to perform this cosmetic dentistry procedure. Here are some common steps to accomplish this treatment the right way.

New gum line: The dentists use a pen to mark a new gum line. This allows the patient to know the extent of gum that needs removal.

Local anesthetic: To avoid pain during gum contouring treatment, the dentists numb the affected areas with the help of a use local anesthetic.

Removal of excess gum: Practitioners often use scalpel to reduce the gum, however it could lead to bleeding, discomfort and slow recovery. Using laser is perhaps a better method since it allows the dentists to cut away the excess gum tissue more gently. In addition, it also allows them to sculpt more scalloped and uniform gum line.

Recovery: The expert dental practitioners would suggest taking an over the counter painkiller. It is good to eat cool and soft foods, and avoid spicy food for prompt recovery. Consulting with the dentist on when and how to resume brushing the tooth is also advisable.

On a cautious notice, gum contouring could lead to allergic reaction to anesthetic, and may result into relapse of gum tissue. So be attentive.