Root Canal Therapy Myths and their Reality

Root canal treatment, a popularly known procedure of endodontic branch essentially saves your injured, dead or diseased tooth. This therapy helps you stay away from severe pain occurring while chewing, drinking or biting. However, the mere mention of the treatment comes as a shock for the patients, concerning its relation with the dental care.

Need For Root Canal Therapy

If you have a damaged or dying nerve of the tooth, a root canal therapy is as the only option to help you get obtain complete relief in any such situation without losing the tooth. This procedure helps in protecting your teeth from undesired pain. The need for root canal therapy generally arises due to any of these four circumstances:

  • Obliteration of outer shell due to tooth decay thereby leading towards feverish attacks and headaches
  • Creation of abscess in the cavity due to careless oral hygiene
  • Nerves exposure due to chipped portions or unattended cracks
  • Due to natural aging reasons or some past accidents.

Some Common Myths

Myriad myths exist in the society about this otherwise painless therapy. Here are few of them along with their reality:

  • Root canal cause extensive pain: In current scenario, with the availability of advanced technology, it causes no pain and discomfort to the patients. 
  • It requires more dental appointments: In reality, it takes only two appointments to acquire complete treatment.
  • Prefer a tooth extraction than a root canal: In fact, a tooth extraction can cause many problems in future such as tooth shifting, recession of jaw bone. Inability to wear dentures when old, inability to chew food properly causing stomach upsets etc.