How Dental Clinics Manage Extreme Dental Emergency

extreme tooth pain
Having a routine oral checkup in every six months becomes a well-suggested decision for you to ensure perfect dental care. It consequently prevents you from the occurrence of any intense dental emergency situation. However, there are several situations in which dental problems occur as a result of any accident or sudden injury that can lead you to deal with an emergency treatment. Under such circumstances, the dentists require to remain calm and act wisely.


Some major dental emergencies

You can come across different types of dental emergency in your life that may include:

  • Accidental injuries: In case of any physical trauma occurring to your mouth or head requires immediate attention of a reputed dentist. However, for prompt relief, you can apply dental wax to your injured tooth for time being.
  • Jaw fractures: In the event of severe pain stirring in your jaws, there are chances that it is a fracture. The emergency dentists make use of cold compress to provide quick relief to your pain. It is advisable to wrap your jaws with a clean cloth for immobilizing it prior to reaching the dental clinic.
  • Unwanted tooth pain: Sudden and intense toothache can also lead to an emergency condition that is unbearable. The reason may involve the debris that is present near your tooth. You must immediately visit your nearest dental clinic for instant and appropriate treatment of your problem.

Necessary emergency drugs

The emergency dentists who specialize in dealing with all types of urgent situation need to have a clear understanding about the emergency kit.  An ideal kit for dental emergency comprises the following essential medicines:

  • Epinephrine
  • Oxygen
  • Histamine
  • Nitroglycerin
  • Sugar
  • Aspirin
  • Bronchodilator

Owning this kit is not sufficient to render best support in such situation. The dentists should also have knowledge about using these medicines at appropriate time. Some essential tips for the dentists related to usage of medicine may include:

  • Avoid using aspirin or any pain killer in case of sudden toothache as it can burn gum tissues.
  • The root word for dental emergencies is CANAL (Cardiac, Airway, Neurological, Allergic & drug reaction and lost consciousness).  Depending on the kind of emergency, the dentists should use appropriate drug accordingly.
  • Also avoid the usage of aspirin for patients who are allergic.
  • They should not use nitroglycerin in case the patient has lower blood pressure. 
  • Avoid usage of oxygen in case of hyperventilation.

Dental emergencies could happen anytime of the day. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need help.