Dental Emergencies that Need Immediate Visit to Dentist

Visiting a dentist at least once in six months is a suggested move toward ensuring perfect oral care. However, dental problems resulting due to accidental injuries need immediate medical attention. Here are few of those severe dental emergencies:

Accidental Injury

A dental injury caused due to a physical trauma to head or mouth would need prompt attention of a dentist. If the route to clinic is long or the dentist is not present at the clinic, applying dental wax to the tooth could protect it for the time being.

Jaw Fracture

If you feel extreme pain in your jaw, most probably you have broken it. In any such occurrence, a cold compress will give immediate relief to the patient from the intense pain. Another worthwhile tip is to wrap the jaw with a cloth to immobilize it before reaching the dentist.

Adult Tooth Knocked out

Oops! Is your teeth knocked out due to some reason? That’s too much a scary thing to happen. If you are able to reach the dentist within the 30 minutes of your losing the teeth, chances are brighter for its re-implantation. In the meantime, make sure to wash the tooth and put it back at its place. If you can place it in the socket put in salt water.

Sever Tooth Pain

An unbearable intense toothache needs instant medical attention. It occurs mainly due to debris around the tooth or because of pain during mouth-floss. Hence, do not ignore it and visit your dentist without any further delay. On your way to the dentist, you can take pain medication, but keep it away from your gums or tooth.

Other Dental Emergencies

Apart from all these trauma conditions affecting your teeth health, several other oral situations also require you to give prompt visit to your dentist. Some of these include cracked denture, lost filling, broken orthodontic wire, canker sores, loose bridgework or crown, cold sores, and more.

To conclude, instant situations do occur where only a dentist could come to rescue to your dental trauma. In the meantime, it is better to perform some first aid on your way to the dental clinic. It could protect your teeth significantly.